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Atlanta Idaho - August 2014

Atlanta Idaho – August 2014

We spent the weekend in gorgeous Atlanta Idaho. I’ve traveled a little bit in my life, and I’ve seen some amazing places, but there are very few that can compare to the unspoiled beauty of God’s wilderness. Atlanta is a tiny little town of cabins surrounded by the wild river, green forest, and imposing and inspiring rocky mountains. We were up again this year to support Robert as he was preaching…

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Ambrose Back To School Picnic 2014

Ambrose Back To School Picnic 2014

My little boy finally enters school. I am of course conflicted. He’s so little and I love him so much as he is, I really would love for him to always be my little tiny ball of energy and excitement. At the same time though, I’m thrilled to see his huge amount of brilliance and potential channeled toward good things and to see his knowledge grow.

My daughter enters 2nd grade this year, too. I…

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Camping At Whoop-Em-Up

My friend Mark and I needed to get out of town and enjoy God’s creation with our kids. We planned on doing this for a while, but still were ill prepared for some of it. We rode up together in my Durango. It seated us all fine, but when you figure in the food, clothes, and equipment for all 6 of us, the space was seriously tight. We even ended up strapping a few chairs to the top.

We originally…

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Boulder Lake In August

Boulder Lake In August

We made a nice day hike on Saturday. Most of the family was riding up to Boulder Lake near McCall in Tina’s Suburban, but if I went, we were one seat short. So I borrowed my dad’s Goldwing. What a fun ride! I was pretty tired when the day was over since my butt isn’t used to riding for that long, but it was still a ton of fun. The day was perfect and the area is just so beautiful. The chipmunks…

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Hot Rods and Motorcycles

Hot Rods and Motorcycles

Travis and I went out to the 31st Annual Mustang and Ford show in Kleiner Park this morning. First though, we made a quick stop at the Yamaha shop on Fairview. Such a fun day with my boy. Tons of chrome and polished paint and shiny powerhouses.

One of the things that really makes my love living in this valley is the people. I love the fact that my little boy and I can walk around and the owners…

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Races At Meridian Speedway

Races At Meridian Speedway

My parents invited us all out to the races on Monday night. It had been many, many years since my wife or I had been out to the Speedway in Meridian. We were a little unsure how interested the kids would be and how they’d handle the noise levels. We were very pleasantly surprised. The races were a blast. The last race especially was a close one and was really exciting. The kids had fun too.…

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