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Hot Rods and Motorcycles

Hot Rods and Motorcycles

Travis and I went out to the 31st Annual Mustang and Ford show in Kleiner Park this morning. First though, we made a quick stop at the Yamaha shop on Fairview. Such a fun day with my boy. Tons of chrome and polished paint and shiny powerhouses.

One of the things that really makes my love living in this valley is the people. I love the fact that my little boy and I can walk around and the owners…

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Races At Meridian Speedway

Races At Meridian Speedway

My parents invited us all out to the races on Monday night. It had been many, many years since my wife or I had been out to the Speedway in Meridian. We were a little unsure how interested the kids would be and how they’d handle the noise levels. We were very pleasantly surprised. The races were a blast. The last race especially was a close one and was really exciting. The kids had fun too.…

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Loving The Spring Weather

Loving The Spring Weather

The clouds were scarce on Saturday. There wasn’t many things that we as a family HAD to do for a change. So we spent time with family and friends and just had an amazing day of relaxing and doing lots of random things. The kids played at the grandparents’ place and rode the 4-wheeler with Papa. My sister got in some trial runs with the new ‘drone’ with GoPro attached. Then we ended up going out…

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