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From High Above

I love adventure. I jump at the opportunity to try something new and fun. When my friend offered me the opportunity to fly around town with him in a helicopter, I jumped on it. The helicopter is kept at a hanger at the Boise airport.

The first few photos here are while he was in the hangar still doing the pre-flight checks. Then he gave me a small safety brief and we opened the hangar doors.






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She Enters The Sport Of Swimming

She Enters The Sport Of Swimming

She has been swimming for 3 or 4 years now. Until now though, it was for fun and safety. Now she is drawn into the SPORT of swimming. At her age and level, it’s still all about fun, not really competition, but I know how it starts. First she’ll win a few ribbons for participating, then before you know it, she’ll be swimming with a weight vest on to beat the others. Well, for now, I’ll enjoy…

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The sunrise this morning was beautiful. Yesterday wasn’t quite as pretty. Did the sun change? Nope. One of the most beautiful things about the sun is its consistency, its faithfulness.

A sky free of clouds is beautiful, nearly perfect. The clouds, with all of their erratic behavior and imperfections, can either block the light from the sun, or they can reflect the light and draw even more attention to the giver of light and warmth.

As you draw closer to heaven, remember that you can get between God and others, or you can reflect Him and be part of something amazing and beautiful.

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